13+ Best AI Voice Generators of 2024 (My Top #5)

Discover the best AI Voice Generator that can turn your text into speech. With my comprehensive overview, I’ll guide you through the most popular AI Voice Generators for turning any text into audio.

Best Overall


Murf.ai is the best overall software for creating human-sounding AI voices.

  • 9.5

Best for Articles


Speechify is best text-to-speech reader for articles. Great for bloggers.

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  • 8.8

Best for Instant Convert


Play.ht is best for instantly converting text into natural-sounding speech.

  • 8.4

Best for Enterprise

Lovo AI

Lovo AI is best for enterprise-level custom AI voice generation

  • 8.3

Best Blending Voices

Resemble AI

Resemble AI is best for blending human and synthetic voices together.

  • 7.8

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