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How to Actually Make Money with AI Writing Tools in 2024 (7 Revolutionary Ways)


AI writing software is all the rage these days. But what exactly is AI writing software?

AI writing software is a computer program that helps you to write more effectively and efficiently. AI writing tools can help you to improve your grammar, style, and accuracy.

They can also help you to brainstorm ideas, come up with topics faster, and even do research for you. In short, AI writing software can be a huge help when it comes to content writing. You can actually create a script with an AI writer and then turn it into full-blown audio with an AI voice generator. All done with AI!

If you want to earn money with AI writing tools, then you need to produce high-quality content that people will actually want to read. For example, best AI copywriting tools can help you to write better marketing content by improving your grammar, style, and accuracy.

As a result, using AI writing tools can help you to save time and energy when it comes to content creation.

So how can you make money with AI writing tools? Here are 7 revolutionary ways:

1. Create a Blog with AI Writing Tools

AI writing tools can help you generate content for your blog quickly and easily. With AI writing tools, all you need to do is enter a topic or keyword, and the AI will generate an article for you.

This can save you hours of time, as you won’t need to research and write the article yourself. However, make sure to fact-check the AI writing as sometimes statistics and other industry-specific details will not be accurate.

AI writing tools can also help you to optimize your blog for SEO. By including the right keywords and phrases in your articles, you can make your blog more visible on search engine results pages. This can lead to increased traffic and higher revenues from Google Adsense or affiliate marketing. AI writing tools can therefore be a valuable asset for any blogger who wants to save time and cash in on their site’s traffic potential.

2. Use AI to Write Your Resume

AI Writer is the perfect writing assistant for those who want to get their dream job. With its AI capabilities, AI Writer can help you write a resume that will stand out from the rest. If you’re not a content writing pro so any help from AI will benefit your resume.

AI Writer will also help you to organize your thoughts and experiences in a way that is most advantageous to you.

AI Writer can help you to tailor your resume to each specific job that you apply for. As a result, AI Writer can give you the best chance possible of getting the job that you want.

With AI Writer by your side, you can confidently pursue your dream job knowing that you have the best writing assistant on your side.

3. Use AI to Write Proposals and Bids for Projects

AI can be a big help when it comes to writing proposals and bids for projects. AI writing tools can provide you with the ability to quickly generate persuasive and well-written content that can help you win more business.

AI can also help you to better understand your customer’s needs and wants, allowing you to craft more customized and specific proposals that are more likely to be accepted.

By using AI to help you with your proposal and bid writing, you can boost your chances of success and increase your sales.

4. Write Ebooks with AI

Another great way to make money with AI writing tools is to create and sell ebooks. You can use AI to help you come up with ideas for your book, write the book itself, or both.

If you’re not a great writer, or if you just don’t have the time to write a book the traditional way, then using AI writing tools is a great option.

With the help of AI, you can write an ebook in a fraction of the time it would take to do it manually. AI writing tools can also help you to research your topic and find relevant information quickly and easily.

Once you have finished writing your ebook, you can then publish it on Amazon and start making money from it. AI writing tools can also help you to market your ebook and reach a wider audience.

5. Automate Your Social Media Posts with AI Writing Tools

Are you publishing written content daily on social media? That’s a task in itself and AI writing software can help you with that.

AI writing software is a great way to automate your social media posts and make money on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. With AI writing tool templates like AIDA and PAS, you can quickly and easily generate high-quality content that is creative and engaging.

AI writing software like Simplified can also help you to manage your social media accounts more effectively, by providing insights into the best times to post and the most popular hashtags.

As a result, AI writing tools can be a valuable asset for any social media user who wants to save time and increase their reach.

6. Generate Stunning Marketing Copy with the Help of AI writing tools

AI copywriting tools are actually made really well to perform in short-form and long-form marketing copy that can generate sales leads. For example, Closerscopy is particularly made to make you a marketing pro without any prior sales background.

AI writing tools can also help you create marketing campaigns that target specific customers. AI writing tools can even help you track your sales and customers so you can optimize your selling strategies.

With AI writing tools, you can save time and money while still creating high-quality marketing copy that sells.

7. Write Compelling E-mails with AI

Would you believe me if I told you that AI can help you write better e-mails?

AI writing assistants are becoming more and more used in e-mail marketing, and for good reason. They can help you save your precious time while still getting your message across effectively.

Here’s how it works: The best e-mail AI writing assistants analyze your inbox and determine which e-mails are getting the best open rate. They then use this information to craft e-mails that are more likely to get opened and read.

In other words, AI writing assistants can help you make money with e-mail by increasing your open rate. So if you’re looking to take your e-mail marketing to the next level, consider using an AI writing assistant.

Wrapping it Up

AI writing tools are revolutionizing the way we create content. Not only can these tools help to improve the quality of your content, but they can also save you time and energy.

AI writing tools can help you with a variety of tasks, from creating ebooks to automating your social media posts. They can also help you write high-quality marketing copy and compelling emails that sell.

So if you’re looking for a way to save time and make money, using AI writing tools is definitely the way to go.

How are you using AI writing tools to make money? Let me know in the comments below.

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Mats-Peter Forss is a full-time website tycoon and digital product creator with years of experience in different software products. Along with writing to forssinc.com, Mats-Peter is running multiple different websites and selling digital products (vectors, fonts, and logo templates).

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