Online Course Pricing Calculator

This calculator is a helpful tool for anyone creating online courses and struggling to price their online course. It considers the audience you’re selling to and the length of your course. Based on Teachable’s study, the average price of an online course is $120. Please share it with friends and comment below if you think it has helped you or if you think we could make it better in any way.

How to Use the Value to Get the Perfect Price?

Once you’ve got the suggested value from the calculator, please use the table below to sweeten up the value. It’s always better to use something like $297 or $299 instead of a random $320. As an example, we’ve used numbers that end with 7, but it doesn’t matter if it’s 7 or 9.


A quick checklist for different pricing ranges:

  • $0 (free): If you just need to get the word out and then turn on the pricing for later customers or upsell another course.
  • $27+: Your course is short in length or is aimed toward hobbyists that won’t make money with the skills learned from the course. For example fitness guide, stretching course, or a home cooking class can be sold in this price park.
  • $297+: This price range sells well in the industries where students are able to use the skills to sell something or get a job. For example, graphic design courses or social media author courses are great topics in this price range.
  • $997+: Courses aimed at businesses or heavy self-development drop into this price range. People are willing to pay pretty crazy money if they can use it to make a lot of money. Courses in this price range normally include membership for students so they can deeply learn from the teacher and others. Coding courses are great examples that could fall into this price range.

Real-life Examples of Online Course Pricing